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How To Ship Your Cards

After you’ve downloaded and printed your submission form, the next steps are to fill out your form with your card details and ship your cards to AA Mint Cards. Watch these videos for how to properly fill out your submission form and safely ship your cards to us.

Complete Your Submission Form
Simply fill out the submission form which will provide the details of your cards being submitted to the auction.

Completely fill out the submission form with your information so we can contact you. Complete one row per card for up to 10 cards, if you are submitting more than 10 cards, print additional pages as needed.

Sign and date the terms and conditions page. Include your Paypal ID so we can send your payment. For more details watch the video.

Send Us Your Package
Pack your cards securely and ship to the address provided on the submission form. Always insure your package.

For 1 card:
Cut out 2 pieces of cardboard bigger but close the same size as the psa card. Place cards in protected sleeves then put in between the cardboard and place a piece of tape on each side of cardboard to hold card secure. Wrap cardboard encased card in bubble wrap then ship out in bubble mailer.

For multiple cards:
Place cards in protected sleeves and stack them between 2 pieces of card board. Place in box and pack it securely so they don’t shift in box during transit.

Visit Our Store To Drop Off Your Cards

If you are in South Florida or planning a trip to the area you should definitely visit our store and drop off your cards in person.

Download Your Submission Form

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